Kate Moore is a composer of new music based in The Netherlands. She creates worlds of sound for acoustic and electroacoustic media and writes instrumental music, concert music, sound installations and more. Moore specialises in creating surprising performance scenarios that feature virtuosic instrumentalists and musicians set amidst unusual and alternative performance circumstances.

Active on the international scene she has worked with ensembles including Alarm will sound, The bang on a can all-stars, The calder quartet, The grand band, Twosense, Ensemble Klang, Asko Schoenberg ensemble, The song company, Ensemble lucilin, Ensemble Syntonia, Orkest de ereprijs among others.

She holds a doctorate from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney 2008-2012), a masters from The Royal Conservatorium of The Hague (2002-2004), a Bachelor of Music with honours from The Canberra School of Music (Australian National University 1998-2001). Currently she works as a freelance researcher at The University of Amsterdam.

Her works appear on major labels including Cantaloupe, ECM, Tall Poppies and Ensemble Klang and are performed in major venues including Carnegie Hall, The Concertgebouw and The Sydney Opera House as well as international festivals including The Bang on a Can Marathon – World Financial Center, ISCM World Music Days - Sydney, The International Gaudeamus Muziekweek, November Music, The Sonic Festival NY, MATA Festival, Carlsbad festival of Music CA, Canberra International Chamber Music Festival.

Awards and prizes include The Hague Toptalent 2012, De Komeet Culture Prize 2010, Dorris Burnett-Ford Scholarship University of Sydney 2008-2012, The Carlsbad Festival of Music composer prize 2010, Apeldoorn Young Composer Award 2003, Australian National University Medal 2001, ANU Honours Scholarship 2001, Franco-Australian Composition Competition 2000, Howard-Allen Memorial Prize 1998-2001, Artexpress 1997.

(photo by Johan Nieuwenhuize 2013)